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 The Michael & Josephine Team is composed of talented artists, photographers, editors, designers, voice-overs, and cinematographers. Their creative staff is highly trained and have 25 years experience scripting, filming, and editing everything from broadcast television commercials and short cinematic films, to weddings and events. Their commercials and productions have been aired on NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Sportsman Channel, and Outdoor Channel, and include complete broadcast television shows.

They use Hi-Definition widescreen cameras to give you stunning HD productions in full 1080p including super slow motion at 240fps in full 1080p HD. Their "Aerial Team" is lead by Precision Aerial Filmworks; working locally and abroad they capture stunning aerial shots and have worked for companies such as National Geographic, Comcast, Trump Hollywood, MSNBC, and more...

Creative editing by Michael & Josephine is carried out using the latest professional editing tools and their fresh and innovative approach has earned them a solid reputation in the business world. Using professional equipment and talented cinematographers they capture the images that the others can't!

Offering affordable pricing and creative film-making Michael & Josephine Photography and Films have brought the world of true cinematography to small companies, helping them compete with the big boys.

It doesn't stop there! Their designers and editors can custom create beautiful logos, business & marketing cards, banners, graphic templates for animated logos, and much more... Rebranding is their specialty helping flat business sales increase putting more dollars in your pocket.

 Browse our website for examples of our work. This site is constantly changing as we add new projects and productions. Schedule an appointment or call us today...